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Hey! I'm vivian.
I love learning by tinkering and trying new things.
I do science, computers, ham radio, photography, and whatever else interests me at the moment.
I also hike, longboard, climb, and read.

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I research ways to increase the efficiency of HPC clusters and supercomputers for the Los Alamos National Laboratory. I am primarily focused on methods of visualizing the HPC queue, to enable better decision-making and increase heuristic understanding of the concepts surrounding HPC scheduling.

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I am a photographer. Photography enables me to share the beauty I see in the world with others. I primarily take pictures of landscapes, but also love taking photos of my friends. There's something really special to me about being able to give people nice photos of themselves.
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I also do other stuff. I'm a technican-class ham radio operator. I climb and boulder. Sometimes I bike, hike, or longboard. I also love reading. I maintain a reading list here.

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I have some amazing friends who do really cool stuff. Check out their pages here: